60W Car led headlight---CREE XHP70 Chip

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Update time : 2016-10-14 16:03:03
All said the brightness is much better than xenon after testing.
Halogen bulb, as the first generation car headlight, are very popular at that time. But the halogen is not so brightness. That lead to the second generation car led headlight---xenon. Xenon is very bright. Most of divers like them. But that also lead many traffic accidents because of too much brightness. With more and more countries forbidding xenon, led headlight, as new saving energy light, attract more and more interests.
But one big problem on led is heat sink. More brightness means need more heat sink. In order to make the quality stable, the brightness can not be the same high as xenon. From SMD, Epistar chip, Philip s chip to Cree chip. The brightness is better and better. Now CREE XHP-70, as headlight chip, become reality in real life. The current can be 3.6A. Very powerful. That make it become the most brightness in the market.

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